15 best electric bicycles to buy (extraenergy.com)

city-electric-bikes1.jpgHaving unlimited funds could surprise you with special effects … but in the end is the result that counts, then you present a good exercise/test conducted by Extraenergy , which identifies the best 15 electric bicycles on the market in Europe, including 28 review/tests by their 10 testers .

So now is no longer a problem buy something abroad … isn’t it? And you can buy an electric bicycle too! 🙂 Shipments are affordable, in Internet there are all the informations and perhaps even some translations where necessary is not too difficult, then those who want to spend to buy good electric bicycle now must look in Europe, avoid any kind of chines product if you want to say safe riding your bycicle 🙂

These are divided into 4 categorie s : CITY, SPORTS, and SPECIAL TOURING

1. City bikes : if you go to work, in a shopping center, from more distant friends or want to make long walks well coming out of town … without venture on dirt, however. Prices from 549 € to 2999 €! Recommended Bicycles: Biketec Flyer T8, Gazelle Easy Glider, Leicester and Raleigh , Victoria Frankfurt and Jetstream by Riese & Müller 2. Sport bikes : For those not satisfied of 25 km / h and the 2-wheel deal more “dynamic” (inItaly we are under the electric motorcycle, with the obligations arising therefrom). From 1890 to 3490 euros. The bike recommended, on 5 tested are: Biketec S-Flyer, Heinzmann estelle Sports, IZIP Express and BionX kit PL2 50HL 3. Touring electric bicycles : For merry picnics or as rental for tourists are very good. Cost: from 1899 to 3740 euro! Bicycles are recommended: Giant Twist Comfort CS Hercules Iphos , Kalkhoff Pro Connect and Scooterbike Hybrid 2.0 4. Special electric bikes : namely cycle details, always pedelec, but for example with side-side, 2 seats, super-light for the handicapped, leaflets, with towing, transport, etc.. Today there are few, we must admit, but in future it will surely many more! 🙂

Let’s post some of your thoughts about these bycicle in the comments below, let’s speak about your experience and about other electric bicycles models (pedal assist bicycle) used by your friends, and bikes components (seats, cargo, pedals, racks, and so on).

Next weeks you will read more about electric bikes, so stay tuned with Guido Elettrico (sorry, my english isn’t my best skill).

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