BMW 520d and Toyota Prius comparison

BMW 520D, auto diesel tedescaWho consumes less? The large, luxurious and German BMW 520D or the Japanese essential for many horrible design, but futuristic hybrid Toyota Prius?

We speak of 2 different machines… very different, perhaps too much for some. But consumption can compare them and still talk of 2 cars, large, do not compare the Toyota Prius with the Smart, in short.
BMW 520D,  german diesel car, is larger than the BMW 520d, but also that of the Prius can not be called small … there are still over 100 liters of difference, and both are certified to carry the same number of passengers (5).
We can not clearly compare the initial cost of purchase, but this is not the intention of benchmarking, because otherwise we could take a BMW 120D, which weighs even less of the 520d and costs less … the special offers in Italy are at the same prices as a Toyota Prius…in practice.
A similar comparison could then also with the BMW 120D, closer in size but would be even more pitiful for Toyota, a large machine that shows how even though much needs to be done in the field of hybrid cars, if current diesel engines can to be so parks consumption …
The forums all over the world, especially Italians and Americans, talk of real consumption higher than those declared and an average of 20 km with a liter of super petrol.
The BMW 520d consumes on average the same amount of fuel … with records of 25 km / l at constant sailing around 110 km / h … also weighing 300 kg more than the Japanese hybrid!
But the important thing at this point are performance: the BMW has 180 horses, from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 230 km per hour. Where are we going to? I do not know … if I had to escape from someone I could do it faster, though. 🙂
Emissions of CO2: 136 g / km.
The Toyota PRIUS has only 77 horses in the engine and 67 in the electric … which is only from 0 to 100 in 10.9 seconds and reaches only up to 170 km / h. Emissions of CO2: 104 g / km

The Prius is the real parent of car hybrid car “ecological” par excellence, of which everyone talks and everyone take a comparison when it comes to electric or hybrid cars. But personally have not yet satisfied with the results.

In practice we split 2 service completely different, that only in rare cases are combined with the actual use of a car:

– Use city: the car is used almost exclusively for travel in city traffic, with average speeds journey low. In this case, the Toyota Prius has an advantage because they can often use the electric motor, breaking down fuel consumption and pollution. Unfortunately, the current model, like the previous one, you can not recharge the batteries and then they need to be recharged under the petrol engine, thus consuming fuel. Surely the next model of the new prius (2009?) Should make it even more convenient in this regard. It should be PLUG-IN, ie be “taken” for charging the current home and then be recharged for example during the night and morning to have a discreet reserve km driven in electric mode only.
Up to this model … the current situation sees a Prius still not off much better diesel engines, even in cities. We are average citizens on consumption of 10-15% lower compared to diesel … that is 18-20 km / l.

– Mixed use, and the same percentage of kilometers traveled in the city, on highways and highway … in this case consumption can be equated with the advantage … But for the 2000 diesel engine in terms of performance.
And wanting to do too fussy about the initial purchase price, we think the comparison between the 26,000 euro 29,000 Toyota Prius and the BMW 120D … then between discounts, zero km and offers various practically you buy the same amount.
Here we speak of only 65 kg more, 7.5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h and maximum speed of 228 km / h … with consumption still lower than the 520d! So there’s no history for the hybrid Japanese.

– Use highway / fast, then walk several miles high speeds here … the hybrid is the loser, because in practice not have the electric motor, not use, and is found to move 1300 kg with 77 horses … as well as the 120D the 520d Long Pole … I believe that even a 530d could consume less if we talk about sailing highways near the limits allowed (130 km / h)

Finally I leave you with a video (in English) from TOP GEAR, the supply of engines following the world … even compare the consumption of a BMW M3 (450 hp) with those of a PRIUS…

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