Electric bicycles sold worldwide in 2007

The number of electric bicycles in the world is growing. I do not want to venerate this vehicle … because in many cases a simple mountain bike taken from 100€ all’ipermercato under house should be fine, but it is a comfort to have the help of electric motor and many around the world are replacing this vehicle to self.
And that’s good for everyone, to wallets and the environment. 🙂

In China I do not have the numbers sold, but there are more than 300 companies producing electric bikes in the U.S.A. in 2007 when it sold about 10,000, numbers that is similar to that of France alone, to stay in Europe … where they sell many electric bicycles is Germany and Holland: 60,000 in Germany in 2007 and an estimated share in 2008 will exceed 120,000! In Holland in 2007  were 90,000 bicycles with electric motors sold in 2008 and is expected to exceed 120,000.

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