Minn Kota, 70 years of electric motors and accessories

Motori elettrici, alcuni prodotti dalla Minn KotaDirect competitor Torqueedo is  … American company that manufactures electric motors for over 70 years … and because I have, here’s the chance to download the PDF with the list of products Minn Kota.

They have a long list of the richest Torqueedo, with some accessories and products really special.
Electric motors, some produced by Minn Kota, I found very interesting this practice and double-engine mount … on a outboard motor.
Therefore useful as add-on for those who go to fish with big boats, which perhaps should move a few meters from time to time, or during operation to calm waters or in environments where you can not go “fuel” for problems of pollution, space, people, noise, etc..

For those looking for something cheaper … can see these electric scooters for sale in Italy on the quality pears … I can not say, sorry.

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