Mini E by BMW, the electric MINI!

Mini Elettrica - BMWIn Los Angeles will be the official debut of MINI E, namely the electric car version of Mini Plug-in, rechargeable namely the current house. 🙂
BMW says that the first 500 units of electricity this car will run a front wheel drive on the roads of the U.S. from 2009 … are really curious to see if the time will be respected, even if it does not happen in California, where attention to the environmental impact is very fashion (not explain otherwise, frankly, this concentration of attention in a single state in the U.S.). It will be equipped with an electric motor by about 150 kW, not just then, comparable to about 200 hp, coupled to a battery of lithium ion with a total capacity of 35 kWh. Plug-in-mini-bmw.jpgLa battery alone weighs about 300 kg and will occupy the seats behind in practice and the Mini is a “2 posts” to all intents and purposes, although it retains the micro-version of the boot . 🙁

plug-in-mini-bmw.jpgWe could reload with a normal socket? Not really … we should install a device known WALLBOX which allows the passage of a greater intensity of current and thus shortens the time to recharge just 2.5 hours for that total. A good time then. 🙂

MINI-E performances:

* Autonomy of about 240 km
* Maximum speed 152 km / h
* 0-100 in 8.5 seconds
* Torque of 220 Nm

Some technical data:

* 9.76 kg / kw
* Length: 3714 mm
* Width: 1683 mm
* Height: 1407 mm

Well…what to add…the car will be a total of 2 posts long as a mini-normal and weigh about 1 / 3 more … virtually level dynamic will be another car … then the cost, which will probably be more than € 40,000, and finally autonomy … I believe that the 250 km have been made to a very low speed.
We try to make 2 calculations, assuming a constant speed of 75 km / h: 35 kwh/75 means about 35 minutes of battery life … if we say that we are in the city, where maybe we’re always in motion but not the traffic lights is that we recharge, (as with the B0 solar panels. :-)) then seriously autonomy is completely different and far superior. Something  like the problem with the electric scooter VECTRIX … where autonomy was given to a low speed, and who was to use the means to travel medium-fast left with very few km of autonomy, really too few.

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