KTM Zero Emission – Zero Emission BIKE from KTM

MOTO elettrica KTM Zero Emission (ZE)KTM is working on an electric bike, the ZERO EMISSION.
Urban legends are not so mean that something serious bubbles in the pot, over there in Austria …
The KTM is not the last came between the houses and especially motorcycle has a name to defend in the competitions in cross and nell’enduro. So things are interesting on the front wheels of the 2 “series” electric and I can only be glad of this. 🙂

In a couple of years should come into production this ZERO EMISSION, which will accompany the electric bikes now on sale in Italy and abroad, because it is now clear that existing restrictions on enduro bikes and cross “normal” is a brake to a market that could expand … just see the success of mountain biking.
With the electric bike you can go where the “smelling” bikes  are banned, without giving minimal discomfort with our noise, because of pollution on the electric bikes from cross is perhaps pointless to talk about it, attention is rightly focused on the opportunities it offers more than the motorcycle petrol.

KTM second goal is to have a motorcycle that develops over the 4th nm torque, which can be granted at least 40 minutes in “race conditions” (and then more for home use in off-road, say at least twice ) And that can be recharged in about 1 hour. We talk about providing similar to a 400 4t, so the theory is that within 2 years anyone can enjoy off-road motorcycle with a beautiful electricity, without regret motorcycles with endoderm engine.

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