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Robbe Windstar, barca a vela radiocomandata (RC) di 1 metro di lunghezzaHave you ever thought of piloting a sailboat in the wind? As the only noise the slight breeze on the flow of sails, rudder Cigola just that e. .. to limit some electrical “ZZZZZZZ” loud noise produced by the servo motors, or the staple of the mainsail sheet? 🙂
There are not only RC cars in the dynamic models words, or helicopters, motorboats…we have also the slower but elegant radio-controlled sailboats!!!

Think cost too much? It is not true … or rather, like many other types of radio controlled vehicles and boats are on sale in some stores’ on all prices. We say that under the 150€ are only toys. This is a starting point.
Then there are RTS models  (Ready to Sail, ready to sail), then ARTS models, almost ready to be mounted and missing at least almost always some part of electronics or even the entire electronics (servo, any engine, remote control, batteries and charger) and then the model kit “, which are mounted and that goes alongside all the electronics and accessories. The class “reference” is 100 cm (IOM) of the length of the boat, for which there are races and championships in Italy and worldwide. Even if any, and, albeit rarely, on TV at times showing some performance to RC sailboats even longer. Competitive Boats , however, used to costs a lot…this is true: over € 1000 and € 2000 to be really competitive and begin to sail in a Sailboat cup (sailing regatta).

Consider that a normal result, 1:1 (to understand what we see on TV to the Olympics), as the old Flying Junior, the classic laser, the laser or laser fun pico (that Piccinino), a 470 or 420 , an Alpa Brise (can mount a small outboard) are used and in good condition between 1000 and 2000 euro … often there are also gear and towing coverage of the boat as a gift …
So is spending weigh good and, I believe, only after trying something cheaper. 😉

Models “for all”, to begin to drive boats sailing with the radio, but that good and worth the cost, may be:

  • Kyosho Fortune 612 II, RTS, has everything you need to go in water in a matter of hours, costs only about 20o euros, but is also short … only 61 cm
    • Length 612 mm or 130 mm Width
    • Height 1135 mm
    • Weight 1050 g
    • sail area 21.85 dmq
    • 2 CH radio (included)
  • Kyosho SeaWind
    Sold in KIT (thus without electronics) or Ready to Sail, the hull has ABS 1 meters long and weighs twice the Fortune 612 … but we are still far from the burdens of regulation IOM.
    So better keep the wind and the “online” than the younger sister and has more sail area.
    Costs around € 200 in kit and 250-300 euros in the full version of everything.
  • Robbe WindStar, ARTS is a hull in fiberglass, costs around € 180 new kits, which should be added the cost of electronics, say at least another € 100.
    Falls into class 1 meters, even if it is not competitive but can be measured to compete in competitions IOM class. With a few changes can go faster …
    Weighs 4 kg., Including the weight of 2.1 kg.
  • Thunder Tiger ETNZ 1M (Team New Zealand), always 1 meters long and sold in KIT.
    I specifically put it last because, although more aesthetically pleasing is that even with the worst performance “box” and some difettucci seems awkward, to read the works online forum…
  • These are the technical characteristics:
    Length 993 mm or
    172 mm Width
    Height 1700 mm (total)
    Weight 3500 gr
    Scale / 1:25 Scale

Finally…the final advice of Guido Elettrico is: Robbe Windstar for those who want to model and therefore is willing and able to engage in any subsequent changes to a model for a sailing regatta, but the Fortune 612 II for those who do not have any intention and wants to spend as little as possible, even with a boat less cumbersome in the car.

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