Electric bicycles: tips to buy

Bicicletta elettrica con pedalata assistitaThe world of electric bikes is a step forward compared to the cars, to motorcycles and other electric vehicles. However, a step backwards compared to other European nations … But widespread for several years, even in busy tentacular metropolis of Milan and Rome are seen daily in dozens …

There are clearly a variety of electric bikes, which cost from 200 to 3000 euros. :-O
Objectively where we want 1000 to buy something of value, that hard, and with guaranteed support worthy of the name.
The stores’ physical ‘and even more than online, virtual, are filled in so-called “Chinese, ie the 2 wheels that are on average 50% of similar bicycles produced in Europe, but the quality much lower.
Often happens that some cracks due to parts minimum, small, stupid if you like, however, cause inconvenience and even dangers that are certainly not 100 or 200 euro difference.

Important before REALLY analyze their needs and “10 questions to buy electric bikes are a good starting point. Later we also need to understand if, wishing to remain fully in the rules like how to make Guido Electric, we want to USE the bike just as electric bicycles, or are willing to respect the rules imposed on electric mopeds, vehicles that have more than 0.25 kW of power?
In fact very few models are often advertised as bikes, but then the code of the street are MOPEDS, then for example include the requirement for approved helmet, not the cycling helmet, to understand…

Some good bicycles models could be these:

Dinghi (or Frisbee) Techonocarbur (The frisbee is more technological and expensive).
Heinzmann Estelle model
eZee with different models When Sprint, Dance, tricycle or CARRO powerful Torq. While Chinese origin, seems eZee has started to travel the road of quality …

This supply Ebay for electric bicycles, ranging from models for children, through the mountain bike, to the more traditional women’s cycling walking, always with pedal assistance.
Beautiful and useful kit to add electric pedal assisted bike to his normal walking (cost: about 50 euros).

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