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02 ottobre 2008 ~ 0 Commenti

Electric bicycles sold worldwide in 2007

The number of electric bicycles in the world is growing. I do not want to venerate this vehicle … because in many cases a simple mountain bike taken from 100€ all’ipermercato under house should be fine, but it is a comfort to have the help of electric motor and many around the world are replacing this vehicle to self.
And that’s good for everyone, to wallets and the environment. :-) ... CONTINUA

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01 ottobre 2008 ~ 0 Commenti

BMW 520d and Toyota Prius comparison

BMW 520D, auto diesel tedescaWho consumes less? The large, luxurious and German BMW 520D or the Japanese essential for many horrible design, but futuristic hybrid Toyota Prius? ... CONTINUA

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25 settembre 2008 ~ 0 Commenti

15 best electric bicycles to buy (

city-electric-bikes1.jpgHaving unlimited funds could surprise you with special effects … but in the end is the result that counts, then you present a good exercise/test conducted by Extraenergy , which identifies the best 15 electric bicycles on the market in Europe, including 28 review/tests by their 10 testers . ... CONTINUA

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22 settembre 2008 ~ 0 Commenti

Sway Bar, the bar and antitorsion trim

sway bar, rc sway bar for radiocontrolled vehiclesWhat are the Sway bars (antitorsion bar) and what are in a car, electricity in dell’automodellismo is that outbreak, which in real car?
Bars that are somehow connect the wheels of both sides of the vehicle, transferring the movement of the suspension of a hand to those of the opposite side, limiting the roll of half that, in extreme cases, can lead all’impuntatura machine The excessive transfer of cargo on 2 wheels and of external rollover.
Sway bar, bar mounted in front of a car in every model of car diverve forms, although the most common is the “open C” Curves in a car undergoes a push toward the outside of the curve, the suspension compresses external (including rubber and the rim, at least in part) while the interior stretches and without the anti-bar, this could be un’alleggerimento would undermine the stability of the vehicle, which loses too much grip. The sway bar takes the wheel internal more aligned and lowers the center of gravity, ensuring greater adherence of the wheel internal note.
When you buy a kit sway bar is a good rule that contains more than one anti-bar, of varying rigidity, so that we can mount that fit the track and our style of driving.
Revo Sway barsREVO sway bar, quite different from those standards because of the shock front horizontal bar antitorsione fact a hard all’aventreno as the rear door to greater responsiveness of the means of change in direction, the lower edge grip resulting understerring and if in the front oversteer if you are in the rear.
This clearly other things being equal … not to mention the possibility of finding holes or depressions or rocks on one side of the car with bars very hard and thus the behavior of these bump the car would be bad. ... CONTINUA

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15 agosto 2008 ~ 0 Commenti

RC sailboats: Model sail boats guide

Robbe Windstar, barca a vela radiocomandata (RC) di 1 metro di lunghezzaHave you ever thought of piloting a sailboat in the wind? As the only noise the slight breeze on the flow of sails, rudder Cigola just that e. .. to limit some electrical “ZZZZZZZ” loud noise produced by the servo motors, or the staple of the mainsail sheet? :-)
There are not only RC cars in the dynamic models words, or helicopters, motorboats…we have also the slower but elegant radio-controlled sailboats!!! ... CONTINUA

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