Tesla model S review

tesla model sThe future doesn’t look so astonishing here, left behind a food store in suburban Toledo, Iowa. It’s pouring, and with no cover of protecting solar power systems over this kind of Tesla Supercharger stop, the one nearest to our Ann Arbor, MI, workplace, we’re resigned to sitting in the vehicle while its battery is replenished by it. Were it-not section of the bundle, for the routing program of the product S, we’d never have located the place. No indications in the principal street motorists that are immediate this manner, no construction determines this lone lender of six chargers in any way. Little, red placards like the ones that beautify parking garages say, “Tesla electric-vehicle Parking,” but that is the level of any notice this place is, actually, portion of something much bigger. ... CONTINUA


KTM Zero Emission – Zero Emission BIKE from KTM

MOTO elettrica KTM Zero Emission (ZE)KTM is working on an electric bike, the ZERO EMISSION.
Urban legends are not so mean that something serious bubbles in the pot, over there in Austria …
The KTM is not the last came between the houses and especially motorcycle has a name to defend in the competitions in cross and nell’enduro. So things are interesting on the front wheels of the 2 “series” electric and I can only be glad of this. :-) ... CONTINUA


Mini E by BMW, the electric MINI!

Mini Elettrica - BMWIn Los Angeles will be the official debut of MINI E, namely the electric car version of Mini Plug-in, rechargeable namely the current house. :-)
BMW says that the first 500 units of electricity this car will run a front wheel drive on the roads of the U.S. from 2009 … are really curious to see if the time will be respected, even if it does not happen in California, where attention to the environmental impact is very fashion (not explain otherwise, frankly, this concentration of attention in a single state in the U.S.). It will be equipped with an electric motor by about 150 kW, not just then, comparable to about 200 hp, coupled to a battery of lithium ion with a total capacity of 35 kWh. Plug-in-mini-bmw.jpgLa battery alone weighs about 300 kg and will occupy the seats behind in practice and the Mini is a “2 posts” to all intents and purposes, although it retains the micro-version of the boot . :-( ... CONTINUA


B0 the most voted ZEV Vehicles in Paris!

pininfarina-b0-retro.jpgDID you have responded to the survey on “4ruote” on the more “credible” ecological car, including those presented at the Paris salon?  It is currently winning, and I think it will continue to do so: the Pininfarina B0 (B zero) … the only “electric power” car, completely electric, recognizable than the other for solar panels on the roof.
Do you think the surface is minimal, that there are underground parking, which in the midst of buildings in the city light is low … but it is also true that solar panels cost less and it is absolutely useless if not counterproductive to waste the sunlight … a inexhaustible source of energy and FREE!

In the second place, the Chevrolet Volt.

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